February SpiceScription Reveal

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February’s SpiceScription’s featured spice is Merkén! Merkén (also known as Merquen) is a Chilean spice blend.

Like many traditional spice blends, Merkén has many different versions. Our blend is a mix of Goat’s Head Chile Flakes, Smoked Paprika, Coriander, and Pacific Sea Salt. Native to Chile and Peru, the smoked goat’s head chile pepper imparts a unique smoky and dark fruit flavor to Merkén.

We were first introduced to Merkén by a customer who introduced us to this rich unique spice blend.

And then we learned about how the popularity of Merkén has recently soared throughout Chile. This is a spice blend that is found throughout Chile in all different types of dishes such as candies, meats, veggies, bread, salads, and drinks.

So we followed suit and started adding Merkén to all different kinds of dishes.

And we started crushing hard! The dark earthy fruity flavor of this spice blend adds a depth of flavor, unlike any other spice blend we’ve tried. After experimenting with it in our kitchen, we wanted you all to be able to experiment with this wonderful warm spice in your kitchens! So, Merkén became a SpiceScription featured spice!

February SpiceScription Exclusive Recipes

Chilean Inspired Shakshuka

Chilean Inspired Shakshuka

Shakshuka (eggs cooked in tomato sauce) is originally from Northern Africa. A local restaurant is serving their version of Shahuka flavored with Indian Spices which got us thinking about how we could use Merkén to give this traditional dish a Chilean flavor.

Chilean Inspired Shakshuka is the perfect dish for the next time you’re feeling crunchy!

Chilean Inspired Shakshuka is the perfect dish for the next time you’re feeling brunchy!

And we’ve included a vegan/vegetarian version of this recipe in the letter tucked inside each SpiceScription box! Made with avocados instead of eggs, this is a vegan shakshuka even meat lovers will appreciate!



Pebre is a Chilean sauce that is essential to many traditional dishes. It’s a great addition to beans, tamales, sopaipillas, and plain ol’ bread! We enjoy adding this fresh sauce to our eggs and using it as a chip dip! Though this Chilean dish resembles some Mexican salsas, the addition of Merkén gives it a depth of flavor not often found in fresh salsas.

Take this to your next potluck with a bag of chips and everyone will be asking you just how you created this new take on salsa!

Maple Merkén Carrots

Maple Merkén Carrots

This recipe is our twist on the classic American recipe of glazed carrots! And we think the smoky citrus flavors of Merkén are the perfect contrast with the sweet earthy flavors of carrots and maple syrup!

Sometimes you just need a new dish to add to your regular rotation. This is that dish! Easy enough to make in just a few minutes, but with a whole new flavor profile.

Spices Included in February’s SpiceScription

Spices Included in February's SpiceScription

In addition to the featured spice, we’ve included all the spices needed to create these exclusive recipes. That includes enough quality Pacific Flake Sea Salt and Tellicherry Black Pepper for you to use throughout the month in all your cooking!

SpiceScription Letter

SpiceScription Letter

Every SpiceScription includes a letter describing this month’s featured spice in depth along with techniques to successfully create your recipes the very first time you make them. And lots of ways to use the featured spice in your everyday cooking!

What was your favorite recipe or hint in your box this month?!

Not a member of our SpiceScription Family, yet? We’d love to bring a box of new flavors, cooking techniques, and exclusive recipes to your door each month! Sign up now!

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February SpiceScription Reveal

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