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Juniper Berry Chocolate Chewie Meringue Cookies

Looking for a unique and delicious cookie recipe? Our Juniper Berry Chocolate Meringue Chewie Cookies are just that! These light and airy yet rich cookies boast a delightful surprise: the intriguing flavor of juniper berries. Vegan adaptation included. So ditch the boring chocolate chip cookie recipe– switch things up a bit!

pinit C Comfort Food

Coconut Milk Pulao: A Taste of Southern India

Escape to the Southern Indian coast with our easy Coconut Milk Pulao recipe! This flavorful rice pilaf features fluffy basmati rice bathed in creamy coconut sauce and vibrant veggies. Vegan, gluten-free, and perfect for a weeknight meal, potluck, or Indian feast. Embrace the fragrant spices and discover a taste of India!


 Pistachio Pesto with Fennel Seed and Olive: A Regional Italian Delight

Discover a world of pesto beyond the classic with this flavorful Fennel Seed, Pistachio, and Olive Pesto recipe. Inspired by the regional Italian tradition of using fresh, local ingredients, this pesto bursts with unique flavors and pairs perfectly with pasta, roasted vegetables, or fish. Embrace the culinary adventure and find your new favorite pesto recipe!