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Dukka Sauteed Spinach with Yogurt Sauce

This easy recipe transforms simple sauteed spinach with a delightful topping of toasted nuts, seeds, and spices found in dukkah as well as a creamy lemony yogurt sauce. This recipe keeps the easy and healthy part of the side dish of sautéed spinach while adding a bit of excitement Perfect for busy weeknights and a welcome addition to any vegetarian or Mediterranean-inspired meal plan.


Top 5 Summer Teas To Serve as Iced Tea

Explore five delicious loose-leaf tea blends perfect for summer, including a fruity black tea, a minty green tea, a vibrantly colored herbal tea, and a smooth oolong. Learn how to cold brew iced tea and discover brewing tips to create the perfect pitcher for poolside relaxation or a cool afternoon pick-me-up. SpiceTopia also shares the secrets to customizing your iced tea sweetness and caffeine content, all while saving money compared to store-bought options.


Juniper Berry Chocolate Chewie Meringue Cookies

Looking for a unique and delicious cookie recipe? Our Juniper Berry Chocolate Meringue Chewie Cookies are just that! These light and airy yet rich cookies boast a delightful surprise: the intriguing flavor of juniper berries. Vegan adaptation included. So ditch the boring chocolate chip cookie recipe– switch things up a bit!