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Anyone that knows Emily knows she loves food! And it’s a love beyond the norm–it’s a passion she’s been pursuing for years. It started out growing up on a farm with fresh food. If her family didn’t grow it, most likely one of her neighbors did.

Emily was lucky enough to grow up with freshly baked bread every week.

Her mother, Lois, was an extreme scratch cook! She taught herself how to make her own butter and cheese, experimented with bread making, and even cured her own bacon and ham! Exploring flavors from around the world was a favorite pastime as she cooked her way through the Time-Life Foods of the World Recipes. Emily’s family especially enjoyed it when Lois taught herself to make lumpia (without premade wrappers!) and flour tortillas! Emily was lucky enough to spend lots of time together with her mother in the kitchen. And more importantly to learn that learning to cook can and should be a natural part of everyday life!

Mom’s homemade flour tortillas

When Emily went to college she started on her own extreme food adventures! It began with exploring how to cook foods from other cultures. Julia Childs was a favorite cooking mentor (even though she didn’t know it!). The Frugal & Galloping Gourmets continued expanding her horizons (before the Food Network was a thing!).

Spice Market in Athens, Greece.

Then she married into a Chinese Filipino family that celebrated big time with flavors that were all new to her! And Asian flavors entered her realm. She started experimenting with those flavors and eating–always eating- as much authentic Asian food as she could find. Her father-in-law taught how to make lumpia and pancit as well as his famous breakfast fried rice!

The most delicious Pancit Canton

Her journey into the food world continued when she began to travel. Everywhere she goes cooking classes, food tours, and explorations of markets are a big part of her travel itinerary. She loves learning about other cultures and how people live and think differently–and food is often the basis for understanding those differences. She learns not only recipes but also how food is a part of a culture as well as how it fits into the everyday lives of others.

Where Emily and her daughter, Anna-Marie, tried camel pastrami for the first and last time!
Garlic & Chiles: such an important part of cooking all around the world!

And now, Emily has a vessel to share that with the world! SpiceScription is the culmination of her passion for food and her way of sharing that passion with you! Every month, she brings flavors from around the world into your kitchen with a subscription box featuring new spices, exclusive recipes, and her knowledge of food cultures and techniques!

We love visiting any market where food is available by the kilo!
We love visiting any market where food is available by the kilo!

We want everyone to be able to explore flavors and cultures through food! Come start your own extreme food adventure!

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