Reflections of 2023


Happy 2024! Before we jump into the new year, we’d love to share the highlights of 2023 with you! 

It’s been so fulfilling to look back on the year! What we have accomplished–what you all have loved–and to think about all of you that came into our lives in so many different meaningful ways!

SpiceTopia Team

We couldn’t serve you well without our team! 

Rhiannon and Jacob have been with us for over two years now. They both work hard, are constantly learning, and love to help our customers pick out exactly what they need — and they keep the cubbies full of spices and teas! 

Eliah runs all our operations and the shop on a day-to-day basis –and he manages to charm all of you while doing it! 

Emily helps to source local products and keeps all of you updated with our marketing efforts. 

In 2023 our team created 536 gift baskets, 288 SpiceScription Boxes, packaged 8,366 bags of spices, and 7,738 bags of tea!

SpiceTopia Customers

Our customers are the best! 

You all come from near and far to visit us, and it makes what we do so special! We are honored to be a small part of your lives by sharing spices and recipes for special moments–and even everyday meals.

2023 Favorite Spices

Your favorite spices in 2023 were:

Ventura Spice! The first blend in our Ventura Spice Collection, this seasoning has a unique combination of flavors which represent Ventura County. 

Tellicherry Black Pepper is a classic for a reason! SpiceTopia’s Tellicherry Peppercorns are the highest grade of black peppercorns available. Their rich, complex pepper flavor is considered the king of pepper! One of the most multipurpose spices we know of, Tellicherry pepper truly does go with just about anything

Salt Jars!

You all went crazy over these cute little jars filled with salt! And who can blame you, as our Salt Jars allow you to try out our many different types of salts without a big commitment. 


Ventucky is our newest Ventura Spice! Its rich, deep flavors came together with chicken in mind, but this blend is very versatile! You all have told us that it also rocks on beef, in soups, and on eggs! 

2023 Favorite Teas

Most Popular Teas!

Many days, we sell more tea than anything else. And if you didn’t know, you can come on in, and we’ll make you a cup of hot tea or serve up a cup of iced tea. In fact, this year, we sold over 300 cups of tea! 

The teas you most loved this year included: 

Green Matcha tea was your favorite tea in 2023! In fact, you all bought 309 ounces of matcha tea. And after doing the math, we figured out that equals 6,180 cups of matcha tea! 

Jasmine Pearls!

SpiceTopia’s customers certainly have great taste! Jasmine Pearls was your second most favorite tea this year. This is an artisan Chinese tea created from the bud of the tea plant which first emerges in spring. That bud is picked and then hand-rolled in a pearl. The pearl is then repeatedly layered with jasmine flowers, which infuse the pearls with a delicious, heady fragrance and flavor. 

Earl Grey!

The classic British tea, Earl Grey, is one that is picked off of the SpiceTopia Tea Wall over and over! 

Beddy Bye Sleep Tight!

Beddy Bye Sleep Tight Tea is one of our favorite blends – and yours as well! Sleep tight! 

2023 Favorite Local Products

Local Items!

Local products make our little shop a special place to visit! With over 43 California small businesses represented on our shelves, SpiceTopia is the place to support mom & pop businesses while finding quality, unique products. 

The most popular Ventura Local Products include: 

  • Ventura Coffee Company roasts their beans right here in Ventura!
  • Blue Ridge Honey is harvested throughout Ventura County
  • Char Man Hot Sauces found a new spot on our shelves this year, and we had a difficult time keeping it in stock. It flew off the shelf! 
  • Ancestral Organics ten family co-op is also a favorite at SpiceTopia. This coop includes Ventura families who are committed to growing organic products traditionally. We especially love their chocolates! 

Cocktail Time

And you all continue to mix up fancy cocktails at home with items from our Cocktail Wall! 

Our most popular cocktails this year were: 

  • Cranberry Mulled Wine Instant Bartenders 

Cranberry Mulled Wine only makes an appearance during Winter Wine Walk, where it leaves the shop destined to be holiday gifts or served at holiday parties. 

  • Sangria Instant Bartenders

Sangria Instant Bartenders are also a seasonal cocktail making their appearance at Spring Wine Walk!  It’s a wonderful way to welcome in spring – just add to your favorite white wine! 

Made right here in Ventura by De Lonne, our Fairy Bloody Mary Mix is created with fresh ingredients grown on local farms! And it’s so much more than a Bloody Mary mix – use it to create Spanish rice, a delicious baked chicken, or just add shrimp and fish for an amazing ceviche!    

The first Instant Bartender we created, our Spiced Old Fashioned continues to be a bestseller! 

Most Popular Chocolates of 2023

A visit to SpiceTopia wouldn’t be complete without picking up a superb handcrafted chocolate bar! 

Our Most Popular Chocolates in 2023 Were

  • Sted Chocolate Mini Bars

This year, Terrior Chocolate changed their name to Sted Foods, but no matter the name, their little mini bars were just too delicious to pass up! With flavors as varied as Scorpion Pepper Dark Chocolate to Cardamom Krumkake, you’ll be sure to find a flavor (or two or three) that becomes your favorite! 

  • Wildwood Chocolate 

Wildwood’s beautiful bars also seemed to make it into many of your shopping bags. These chocolates first catch your eyes with their beautiful designs, but it’s not until you taste them that you realize just how special they are!

  • Top This Chocolate

We can’t forget these locally hand dipped Oreos! Created by local company Top This Chocolate, each one is a perfect little chocolate bite! 

Balsamic Vinegars

Enfuso Balsamic Vinegar sourced from Italy and infused by Jon and Ann, with local fruit, is a favorite at SpiceTopia year after year! While all of them are delicious, favorites include fig, pomegranate, traditional white, and mango


After 3 years, SpiceScription went out with a bang! It was bitter-sweet to bring this to an end, as we loved creating new recipes and exploring spices and being able to share it all with you! 

Thanks to all that supported us in this endeavor! We are looking forward to new things this coming year, but will miss this monthly connection with everyone.  

2023 has been amazing, and we are excited to serve you throughout 2024!!

Thanks everyone for all your support and love of our little spice and tea shop!

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Reflections of 2023

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