June Tea of the Month Box 2021

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If summer is your favorite season, this is the perfect box for you! And if summer isn’t your favorite season these teas just might change your mind!

The three teas included in your box are wonderful when enjoyed hot, but become something special when iced!

Peach Oolong

The Peach Oolong included in your box is a Taiwanese Twisted Leaf Oolong, grown at a high altitude, which gives it a smooth non-astringent finish. Lush and floral, this tea is a natural for iced tea!

Masai Sunset

Masai Sunset is a customer favorite at SpiceTopia! When iced, this rooibos tea blend with orange, vanilla, and a touch of yogurt for creaminess reminds us of our childhood summers when we sat outside slurping down Orange Creamsicles!

 Lychee Pomegranate

Our Lychee Pomegranate Blend of black, green, and oolong tea mixed with fruit and rose petals is sweet and slightly sour with a smooth finish. With a bright pink hue and a light sour and honey-like taste, this is a favorite tea for icing! Follow the directions for Green Tea to brew this mix of blend!

To ice your teas, prepare just as you would for hot tea (check the brewing card included in your box). Chill for a few hours and then serve over ice. We feel all three of these teas are wonderful unsweetened, but if you like a sweeter iced tea, honey is an easy way to naturally sweeten your tea. The cotton bag included in your box is great for brewing larger amounts of tea. Place the full package of tea in the cotton bag to brew eight cups of tea.

If this is your first box, you’ll find a Tea Journal and infuser tucked inside. Take notes and keep track of the teas you enjoy in your Tea Journal and over time you will become not only a tea enjoyer, but also a tea connoisseur! When brewing a cup of tea, you’ll want to place 1/2-1 teaspoon of tea in your infusor to brew 8-16 oz of water.

Keep an eye out for several little surprises in your box–and be sure to redeem your coupon for our Virtual Tea Tastings!

Our treat this month if from Jealous Sweets–shamelessly tasty sweets made for adults! We think this is the perfect treat to snack on while enjoying a beautiful cup of ice tea! Be sure to keep not miss any of the additional surprises in the little pink bag!

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June Tea of the Month Box 2021 pinit
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June Tea of the Month Box 2021

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