July Tea of the Month Box 2021

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This month’s tea selection will take you to tropical destinations no matter where you actually are!

Papaya Peaberry Tea

The Papaya Peaberry Tea in your box is one of our limited edition summer teas. A mix of hibiscus flowers, dried apple, butterfly pea flower, rose hips, orange peel, strawberry, blueberry with just a touch of papaya and blackberry flavor, we love this tea served both hot and iced!

Tropical Green Tea

The Tropical Green Tea found in your box is a colorful mix of green tea, pineapple and mango pieces along with a sprinkling of safflower and sunflower blossoms. The sencha tea has a faint fruity aroma with a grassy finish. The candied pineapple and dried mango bring out lemony notes in the sencha. We find no bitterness in this tea. It’s clean, sweet aftertaste gives it a satisfying finish.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is the dried petals of the hibiscus flower. It’s taste is similar to cranberries and is quite intense on its own. Blended with other ingredients, it deepens flavors and adds a beautiful dark red color to your brew. We’ve included a spice packet and recipe card, so you can use your hibiscus tea to create a pitcher of Mexican Agua de Jamaica which we find to be a great refresher served over ice on a hot summer day.

If you are new to brewing herbal and green teas, be sure to check the included brew card for temperatures and brewing times– which can make the difference between ending up with a really good cup of tea or a just so-so cup of tea!

If this is your first box, you’ll find a Tea Journal and infuser tucked inside. Take notes and keep track of the teas you enjoy in your Tea Journal and over time you will become not only a tea enjoyer, but also a tea connoisseur! When brewing a cup of tea, you’ll want to place 1/2-1 teaspoon of tea in your infusor to brew 8-16 oz of water.

Keep an eye out for several little surprises in your box–and be sure to redeem your coupon for our Virtual Tea Tastings! If you find foil green wrapped packages in your box, that’s our thank you for sharing your box on social media! You love seeing your mug with our teas!

Your treat this month if from Sahale which shares our mission to carefully source their ingredients from the fairtrade and organic sources when possible. More importantly, their snack mixes are so very tasty! Enjoy with your tropical teas!

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July Tea of the Month Box 2021 pinit
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July Tea of the Month Box 2021

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