Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies 2023

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies is here! Whether you’re looking for luxury gifts for foodies or inexpensive gifts for foodies or something in between, we’ve got you covered with unique gift ideas!

Our Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies is here! Whether you’re looking for luxury gifts for foodies or inexpensive gifts for foodies or something in between, we’ve got you covered with unique gift ideas!

Luxury Gifts For Foodies

Masala Dabba

SpiceTopia’s Masala Dabba is a traditional Indian Spice Kit with all the spices needed to start cooking Indian Food. Filled with 10 spices and a collection of Indian recipes, this is the thoughtful gift for foodies or your favorite chef!

Cooking Classes

Give the gift of an experience! Our cooking classes are hands-on. Learn about the flavors of cuisines from around the world while preparing delicious recipes, learning new techniques and filling your belly with yummy food.

SpiceTopia cooking class schedule currently includes Northern Indian, Southern Indian, Chai, Sichuan, and Mediterranean flavors.

A Spicy Chocolate Advent Calendar

Know a chocolate snob who could use a little bit of Christmas excitement all December long!? 

Our Mirzam Spice Route Advent Calendar featuring uniquely flavored bean to bar chocolates will have your giftee thinking of you fondly every day of December!! 

Wildwood Chocolate Bars

Wildwood Chocolates are just something special! The unique flavor combinations, delectable textures, and beautiful nature inspired chocolate bars are a gift any chocolate lover will appreciate! 

And bonus: many of these pretty chocolates are vegan!

Ramen Gift Set

Eating excellent ramen should feel really special! Our Ramen Gift Set includes a handcrafted Ramen Bowl created with love by our resident potter, Kathy, right here in Ventura County. And we fill that bowl with all things spicy to make the Ramen Head in your life beam with joy! In fact, we guarantee giving this gift will also fill you with joy! Joy all around!

Gifts for Tea Lovers

30 Cup Tea Box

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Need a gift for tea lovers? Gift a medley of teas from our famous tea wall! With a selection of over 100 loose-leaf teas, we’re sure many of the teas in this tea gift box will provide a new tea experience for your loved ones!

Shèngdàn Jié Pu-erh Gift Box

Our 2023 Christmas Pu-erh Gift Box features a beautiful selection of raw and ripe pu-erh teas as well as a handcrafted gaiwan.  This curated tea gift set will allow tea connoisseurs as well as tea novies to experience the diverse flavors of aged Pu-erh teas.

Handcrafted Tea Pots

SpiceTopia’s shelves are sprinkled with handcrafted teapots – many made locally right here in Ventura! Each one is gorgeous and one of a kind. 

A truly unique gift of functional art that both art lovers and tea lovers will appreciate.  

Due to their delicate nature, our tea pots are not available for shipping. Stop by SpiceTopia on Main Street in downtown Ventura to shop our collection of handcrafted pottery in person. 

Matcha Matcha Matcha Gift Set

Are you looking for a matcha gift idea? This matcha gift set has everything needed to prepare a delicious cup of matcha at home. This SpiceTopia exclusive contains hand-crafted pieces made with love right here in Ventura County and pure Japanese matcha tea, as well as the rare Kenyan Matcha Tea.

A matcha tea gift set with all the tools and tea necessary to help one master a contemporary matcha ceremony.

Make Your Own Kits

Sometimes, you need a gift that isn’t just another thing. Our “Make Your Own Kits” provide a tasty experience as well as a fun activity for holiday get-togethers.

Make Your Own Root Beet Kit

Root Beer is a beverage rooted in American tradition. Our Root Beer Kit helps you craft four liters of frothy, old-fashioned soda in a matter of hours using spices, roots, berries & barks like Sarsaparilla, Birch Bark, Ginger Root & Juniper Berries. 

A fun and tasty gift for kids and adults alike!

Mead Making Kit

Mead is the original-fermented beverage, predating wine or beer. Our NEW Mead Making Kit helps you craft your own “honey wine” in just 4 weeks. An unusual gift for food lovers on your Christmas gift list!

Absinthe Infusion Kit

Absinthe has had a certain reputation for its strength and hallucinogenic characteristic, and our Absinthe Infusion Kit has everything needed to make your own absinthe concoction! 

A gift for the adventurous foodie on your gift list! 

Popcorn Party Sprinkles Variety Collection

Our Popcorn Party Sprinkles make popcorn time party time!

SpiceTopia’s Popcorn Party Variety Bag allows you to easily season your bowl of popcorn with fresh, vibrant spices for a new twist on the classic movie night snack.

Give the whole bag or split it up into four thoughtful gifts!

Hot Sauce Lovers

We have gifts for the hot sauce lovers on your gift list! Whether they are into flavor or heat, our selection of hot sauces will thrill any seeker of spice!

Food Gifts for the Health Enthusiast

Smoothie Boost Box

The gift for those who watch their macros and want only the best for their bodies! A gift box full of superfoods that are all powerhouses of nutrition but are delicious added to oatmeal, smoothies, soups, sauces, and even baked goods! Make your healthy friend happy with the Smoothie Boost Box!

Less Salt More Herbs SpiceBox

Have a loved one who is trying to cut back on salt–it’s hard to add flavor without salt. Less Salt More Herbs SpiceBox is here to make you the gift-giving hero with lots of flavor! Your loved one will think of you every time they cook with this trio of flavorful herb blends!

Avocado Companion’s SpiceBox

The Avocado’s Companions SpiceBox is the unusual gift for foodies you are looking for! We all have a loved one or two who loves avocado toast and guac! The seasonings in this SpiceBox are hand blended by us specifically to highlight the creamy, fatty goodness of avocados!

Didn’t See What You Were Looking For?

Send an email to letting us know what you are thinking of. We are happy to help you put together a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones!

At SpiceTopia, we have been exploring the world of food for over 30 years and are determined to bring only the best to you and your loved ones! All the gifts we recommend are items we stand behind!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies 2023

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